H512 Sponsors: Allison Dahle, Verla Insko (Primary)
John Autry, MaryAnn Black, Cecil Brockman, Deb Butler, Susan Fisher, Pricey Harrison, Zack Hawkins, Nasif Majeed, Craig Meyer, Marcia Morey
S339 Sponsors: Terry Van Duyn, Wiley Nickel  (Primary)

Kirk deViere, Michael Garrett, Natasha Marcus, Mujtaba Mohammed, Harper Peterson, Sam Searcy, Erica Smith, Joyce Waddell

We, the people of the State of North Carolina, respectfully request a proposed ballot measure be put forth in the 2020 General Election to be voted upon by the people of North Carolina. This ballot measure, known and cited as the “We the People Act,” declares that the people of North Carolina support amending the Constitution of the United States to firmly establish that money is not speech and that human beings, not corporations or other artificial entities, are “natural persons” entitled to constitutional rights.

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