Transnational corporations bought our politicians and have stolen our constitutional rights. NC We the People is a campaign to take money out of elections to restore human rights to people.

NC We the People Campaign is run solely by volunteers. Every dollar you contribute goes directly to the Campaign and is used exclusively for education and outreach.

We know that the vast majority of North Carolinians know that corporations are not people and that constitutional rights belong to We the People and not to corporations. We also know that North Carolinians are concerned about the corruption of our elections by big money that serves the special interests of the few at the expense of the many.

We know that when the people of this State become aware of this Campaign that they stand with us in firm support. The problem is, very few people know about the campaign.

The NC We the People Campaign needs your contribution to change this. It takes money to get the word out. Every dollar the Campaign receives goes to that effort.

We do not need to change minds or peoples’ ideologies. All we need to do is get the word out to the people of the state so the voters of this state can stand behind this Campaign and bring this issue to the ballot for our voices to be heard.

Please help in this initial donate drive. All contributions large or small contribute to making the change we need to get money out of politics and reclaim our constitutional rights.

If every person who has signed the petition contributes just one dollar, we will make our goal for this fund raising drive.

Please contribute as you can so that all North Carolinians know that they have a voice in their governance.

Please donate Today